Dedicated to expanding the delivery of Faith Based and Core Family Values films into mainstream distribution
Faith Film Funding is a specialized division of P & A Funding Solutions dedicated to expanding the delivery of faith-based and core family values films into mainstream distribution. As a full-service placement agency, Faith Film Funding offers all major forms of media placements to meet your advertising objectives. In addition to the expertise, we offer a complete suite of media planning tools, response analytics and campaign development services to implement a first class advertising campaign. We deliver the same services as a traditional agency, we also provide the funding needed to implement the campaign. Provided the specific project meets our investment criteria, we traditionally fund 50%-70% of the "A" side of the P&A budget. We typically see the producer, investor, or distributor provide all of the "P" plus the 30%-50% of the remaining "A" side which is simply paid as the campaign rolls out. Our investment is repaid out of the distribution of revenues coming out of the distributor through the normal repayment waterfall.
If you have a film completing production, anticipating distribution, and seeking funding for your P&A budget; please Contact us or Tell Us About Your Film