Dedicated to expanding the delivery of Faith Based and Core Family Values films into mainstream distribution
When is the right time to talk to Faith Film Funding? As you begin discussions with a distributor, the question of P&A funding will need to be addressed. Once your film has completed production and you are anticipating distribution, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our funding model with your team. Do you also help with VOD/DVD awareness campaigns? Yes -- we are willing to look at any distribution model where the addition of our investment in advertising can increase revenue streams. Do you also fund movie productions? No, we focus exclusively on P&A funding where our advertising expertise can be best utilized. What if I’m a distributor of faith and core-family values films? We do work with distributors as well as individual films to provide funding for P&A budgets. How do I pre-qualify my film? We thoroughly review each opportunity to expand the delivery of faith-based and core family values films into mainstream distribution. If you have a film completing production, anticipating distribution, and seeking funding for your P&A budget; please Contact Us or Tell Us About Your Film. Does your funding model offer all forms of advertising? Yes - We offer all forms of traditional advertising. The media buy can incorporate a wide variety of media types including: Network Television, National Cable/Syndication, Syndicated TV Shows, Spot Broadcast, Spot Cable, Network Radio, Spot Radio, Web Banner Advertising, National and Local Newspapers, National Magazines, Trade Magazines and Out of Home Advertising. This is targeted media based on a traditional media plan. We focus exclusively on traditional advertising and therefore do not fund publicity, public relations, pay-per- click, or SEO campaigns and although we can aggressively fuel social awareness, we do not manage social media account activity.  Can you help me find a distributor? No -- Not currently.  How long have you been in existence? The media entity which is the parent company was established in 2005. The media funding model was established in 2010. In 2012, the media funding model expanded into the entertainment sector providing funding for theatrically-released motion pictures as well as a special TV event and several venue specific productions. Faith Film Funding was established in late 2014 to specifically expand the delivery of faith- based and core family values films into mainstream distribution. Where are you located? In Washington state, just north of Portland, Oregon with representation in Los Angeles.
If you have a film completing production, anticipating distribution, and seeking funding for your P&A budget please  Contact us or Tell Us About Your Film